When Molly began exploring the wedding world, she wasn’t sure at all where to begin. She had few connections. She quickly learned that emailing larger, successful planning companies was a fruitless act. In such a competitive industry, it is difficult to find those who will extend encouragement and knowledge to you.

Thankfully, a friend with a small wedding business was receptive and kind to Molly. Her friend Laura probably did not realize at the time that she’d so greatly confirmed the aspirations that Molly had had in her heart for so long. After shadowing with Laura over three and a half years ago, Molly dove head first into the wedding world and began to figure out her signature style and narrow down her planning processes. Being a small business owner was scary, but freeing. She’d never felt more “in place” in God’s will for her life, and she couldn’t have done it without the support of several small business owners in her life.

Over the last couple of years, Molly McKinley Designs has grown into a successful boutique planning service for Atlanta’s brides. Molly has spent much of her free time meeting with others and encouraging them to follow their dreams. She is excited to now offer consulting services and mentoring for those interested in pursuing a career in weddings.

Feel free to reach out to for pricing and availability. We so appreciate your interest in our mentoring services!